Unshackled Baptist Church is a church with a heart for the youth in community.


Nativity, Bethlehem, Christmas, Robertsdale

This past December we created Bethlehem in the church for our retelling of the Christmas story.  The children in the Kids Ministry volunteered to be animals, angels and shepherds to help Mary and Joseph on their journey.

hurricane kits, robertsdale, teen activites

The teens at Unshackled Baptist Church also have a heart for the community.  In 2017 when people were having to leave their homes in Florida due to the hurricanes.  Our teens came together and created comfort kits for the people staying in local shelters.

Regardless if it’s breaking out of a Panic Room, bowling, or helping out their neighbors, our teens or always up for an adventure.

Visit our Teens page to find out how you can join them on their next adventure.