Teens /tiːnz/

october-teens-2Not your typical Teen Group.  The teens at Unshackled Baptist come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.  There is a place for everyone to fit and belong.  No matter what you are facing in life you will soon learn you are not alone and will not be rejected.

Unshackled Baptist Church has a very active Teen Group.  In conjunction with the Reformer’s Unanimous Discipleship Series, Unshackled Baptist’s teen group prepares teens and pre-teens for a life serving Christ and training the next generation of Christian leadership.

On the last Friday of each month the teens can be found busting out of The Break Out Room in Mobile to planning adventures on the beach.  With gentle possibleguidance from church leadership and a good foundation the teens of Unshackled Baptist Church will be ready for anything that life throws at them.

Fridays 6:30pm to 9:00pm Teen Group meets for devotion time, fellowship and a quick message from the pastor.

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